Budget Suites of America – Dallas, Texas


Yesterday the new manager at one of the Dallas Properties knocked on my door.  Dan (don’t know his last name at the moment) wanted to discuss my tenancy at this particular property when he began yelling at me.  He told me I was “giving him the eye.”  He repeated this.  “You’re giving me the eye!  Get off my property!  You’re giving me the eye!  Get off my property!  You’re not coming back here next week!”  And he said other things, too.  He then stormed off leaving me standing in front of my door, shocked, disgusted and extremely hurt and humiliated.  Now, it is truth that I have a problem with my left eye which is noticeable but did he really have to insult me over it?  After I shut my door I felt sick to my stomach and I cried.  I am now angry and not in the least going to allow the manager from the rental office where I have paid rent and lived for over one and one-half years to insult, humiliate and degrade me.  I am wondering if he was trying to intimidate me?

I spoke to the Rick Gantley (sp), the Regional Manager of the Budget Suites of America who is the supervisor of  General Manager Dan and he was nice and polite.  But after the approximately 30 minute conversation I was convinced he was defending Dan by saying, “I don’t think he was aware of an existing condition. Of course you are entitled to your opinion but I don’t think he meant anything by it.” (etc, etc) (now how does Mr Gantley know what I look like?)  He seemed to give me the song and dance routine and during our conversation he told me “when I evict someone.  I always win.  Always.  Even if the tenant doesn’t go to court I will.  I always win.  The judges always side with me (and the owner of the establishment).  The judges always side with me.”

I am now asking myself, is he trying to intimidate me?  And with a polite tone of bullying as opposed to Dan’s gutter routine?  Is this Budget Suites version of good cop/manager v bad cop/manager?  And what exactly is Mr Gantley saying about justice in Dallas, Texas?  He seemed to me to be acting very smug.  And of course, he didn’t even mention or hint at any disciplinary action for the General Manager’s behaviour although he did say “it seems he could have handled the situation differently.”  He also agreed to Dan being extremely unprofessional on the occasion.  Why didn’t he even make the General Manager apologise to me?  I believe the reason is because he said, “Dan knows exactly how I do things.”  (Are they friends, buddies, pals, BFFs?)  In my opinion Mr Rick Gantley has accepted his GMs unprofessional and criminal verbal abuse of me.  But have they discussed between themselves that I may file a lawsuit against Budget Suites of America, Inc, and against Dan?  They should know it is the lawful and correct thing for me to do.

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