Some people…


Why is it some people just have to be muy dramatico all the time? With some it is ridiculous and absolutely everything has to be a long drawn out trauma…

Ebola and The Ivy Apts in Dallas, Texas


Here are some pics I have taken of the Ivy Apts and Jack Lowe Elementary/Tasby Middle School. I snapped them during the time the CDC was decontaminating the apartment Mr Duncan visited while in Dallas, Texas. They are from my other blog and from my Instagram account.

A letter to the press (please pass forward)


Please pass this letter forward to as many people as you can. Thank you. I am also sending it to members of the media.

I am writing to inform you of a very serious problem regarding homegrown (USA) criminals which include former US soldiers and the Dallas Police Department and Dallas branch FBI’s response to complaint against these criminals. Below you will find a brief list of some of their claims/threats and a few names of the members of this criminal organisation.

There is a group of individuals which includes former US Military trained men who have made threats against the lives of foreign heads of state (esp Muslim), European and Middle East royals and US citizens. They have committed many crimes and have been in and out of jail and one member, Mr Albert K Washington, was nearly court martialed many years ago but for what charges besides drugs is listed in his Navy file. They spend much time between Southern California and Dallas, Texas. This group hides well and loose but I have the names and some information about their criminal organisation. At least one male member, according to the head of this group, belonged to the anti-Monarchy group which plagued the Swedish royal family circa 2000-2003 until Swedish authorities and Interpol are said to have put pressure on the FBI to stop the Americans in this group from going overseas to Sweden for their political agenda. The anti-Swedish monarchy group is now defunct I believe but several of their members are now pulling stunts against other royal families.

The group claims to want to end monarchies in Europe and the Middle East. They want their own people in power. These men claim they want to plant a bomb in Belgium and that they have men in Muslim countries causing trouble and confusing the situation so US-Middle East tensions remain strained (see Blackwater/Academi situation in Dallas to connect to Dubayy???). Some of these men are Military trained.

They have claimed and even high-fived each other over supposed successes. They said they want an end to the thrones of the following countries: Dubayy, Luxembourg, Danmark, UK, Jordan… they claim to have made plots against Crown Prince Hamdan of Dubayy, Prince Sattam al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, former Crown Prince Hamzah of Jordan, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Belgium, Crown Prince Frederik of Danmark, Prince William of Wales, Prince Nasser of Bahrain, Rashid de Ajmani… these claims are too filthy for words… these people are truly deranged and I feel they may attempt to kill me again for speaking out about what they have said and done. I spoke to Agent Carroll of the FBI about these matters and a long list of other crimes/threats these individuals have made against me and others and Agent Carroll simply said, “Sometimes people say things they don’t mean.” I told him about the former US Soldiers and their other plots/claims against Muslim targets including civilians and that was the response! I tried to give them the following information (See below) and more but I do not recall Agent Carroll or his partner taking notes!!! Perhaps they did. I told Agent Carroll that one of the men, Mr Albert K Washington, is on mandatory psychological counselling at the Dallas VA and his response was “Sometimes people say things they don’t mean.” I contacted the Cour but Agent Carroll told the Grand Ducal police the same thing he told me! There is evidence but it has not been presented to the Grand Duke as of yet nor these names and info I have listed below. Please investigate and put these creeps in jail for the crimes they have committed against me and others.

01. They group has claimed to have stolen my identity and impersonated me. I have found a Ms Hermilinda Figueroa from Watsonville, California, made the mistake of filing for income tax under my social number in the year 2009 and she was caught out. The police in northern California and southern California were incredibly helpful but claimed jurisdiction issues. The police in Dallas, Texas, are polite but not helpful even though these men/former US soldiers are constantly in and out of jail.

02. They claim to want to kill Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and even went so far as to find a man who looks shockingly like him. They claim he is an impersonator and that he commits crimes in his name. This man was seen in Chick-Fil-A @9386 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, Texas 75243. He had to have been caught on surveillance camera in the store and possibly in the Walmart store/car park/ traffic cameras in the immediate area. I don’t know his name. They have also claimed to have impersonated several royals and committed crimes in their names. One is said to be in Saudi Arabia and I haven’t any evidence of this and one is said to be in a fertility clinic in Luxembourg and again, you can make the inquiries. They claim to have made deals with certain Belgians.

03. They claim to want to kill Sheikh (Crown Prince) Hamdan of Dubayy. They claim to have made deals with certain individuals to plot against Hamdan and to kill me for telling about their claims.

04. They said they are planning to plant a bomb in Belgium. They haven’t said where or when.

05. They claim to have tried to steal the seed of several princes of Europe and the Middle East for their own degenerate and sordid plans.

06. They claim to have killed several people in the Los Angeles Skid Row area in the year circa 200-2001. They claim they were enemies who had drug addictions so they made them overdose on their drugs. Police have written these deaths off as drugs overdose. Also, they made two men (under the influence) stab each other in the same area. I don’t know whatever became of the men.

07. They kidnap women and rape, torture, kill them. See below for more info.

08. They have trumped up charges against me and say they want to frame me in court esp the Middle East for speaking about this issue.

09. They up skirt women and try to edit the video footage to embarrass, harass and distort the truth to trump up charges.

10. They claim to “have a journalist on the take at the Daily Mail”.

11. They have made attempts against Prince William of Wales via the Press (please read the Leveson transcripts to see what was blacked out)…

12. They plot to attack the York sisters in the press in order to prop up Kate Middleton who they loathe but backed in her press campaign to marry Prince William. They have said they are tired of lying in the press for her benefit.

13. They claim to have made deals with two women and against men of prominence

Members/Associates/Possible Associates:
01. Albert K Washington of Dallas, Texas and formerly of Los Angeles, California
02. Tom Clark of Los Angeles, California and formerly of Missouri
03. Keith (possible associate) of Los Angeles, California
04. David Ramic (possible associate) of Los Angeles, California
05. Bianca (associate), a male prostitute of Los Angeles, California
06. Unnamed African-American male, said to be a military/Marine trained sniper of Los Angeles, California
One member, Albert K Washington, is a former US soldier having served in the US Navy. He was trained in explosives and has a HazMat certification. Mr Washington has a habit of bragging that his “weapon of choice is C-4”. Mr Washington has claimed that he and his comrades want to change the political landscape from its present condition. Mr Washington has also claimed the US Military has trained him and others well. Mr Washington is now in mandatory psychological sessions at the Dallas VA located @4500 Lancaster Road, Dallas, Texas, 75216 with business phone: 214.742.8387. Mr Washington is a career criminal having spent much of his adolescence and adulthood in and out of jail. He is also a known drug addict and sometime drug dealer. Mr Washington has been arrested for drugs in the past 05 years but Mr Washington’s attorney claimed the retiring judge was a friend of his and so gave him a deal of probation without jail time fro his client even though he was supposed to have been sentenced to several years in jail. This is what Mr Washington’s attorney Mr Smith told me over the telephone. Mr Washington is said to have contacted famed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred via post and even made a visit to California to speak to her. Ms Allred is said to have been concerned about Mr Washington and contacted the Postmaster General with her concerns. The Postmaster General contacted Mr Washington’s father Mr George Washington (now deceased under questionable circumstances) regarding Mr Albert Washington’s mental condition. You may contact either the Postmaster General and/or Ms Allred for further information and confirmation. But beware Mr West, who answers the telephone and claims to be an attorney, as he is not helpful in the matter. You may wish to speak to Ms Allred directly. Mr Washington is an African-American man with black hair and dark brown eyes. He has dark brown skin. His weight varies but he is a larger set man. He stands approx 05′ 09″ tall. Mr Washington was born in California (Los Angeles?) to Mr George and Ms Ruth Washington. He is at times transient and likes to spend his time in the gutters of any city. He at present resides in Dallas, Texas, with his last known address being on 2238 Hatcher Street, Dallas Texas 75215. Mr Washington is dangerous.

Tom Clark is another member who has rather aberrant political agenda. He is a friend of Mr Washington and is also a member of this group. He is a chronic alcoholic. Mr Clark claims to have been born in Missouri. He is approx 55 years old. Mr Clark is a tall Caucasian man, standing approx 06′ 01″ tall. He has natural brown hair. Mr Clark has been known to sport a dark tan. Mr Clark has worked as an extra at Cenex Casting located @220 South Flower Street, Burbank, California, 91502. Business phone: 818.562.2799. I don’t know what contact info he listed but you may be able to trace him through this address. At the time I also spoke to Diego Diego the famous actor/singer. Mr Diego is most likely not aware of these events but he did work as an extra for a different company and sat in the same audience. Mr Diego also gave me his agent number so we were briefly represented by the same acting agent. Mr Clark is extremely dangerous.

One of Mr Washington’s comrades was a man who spent time in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles, California (Panama Hotel? He claims to have been a former Marine who is also a sniper trained by the US Military. I don’t have proof of this. He did say he spent time in prison for killing someone and was recently paroled (2001) and therefore placed in the SRO Hotel as part of his release. Mr Washington and others looked up to him and “his skills”. I don’t remember what his name is but he is a tall fair-skinned African-American who wore tee-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes. He should also be in the system and not too difficult to locate.

Their associate’s name is Keith (last name??) who worked at George Chung Realtors located @3487 Beethoven Street, Los Angeles, California, 90066. He is a personal friend of the owner George Chung who may or may not know of his friends deviant behaviours. Keith was said to have been arrested, tried and convicted for kidnapping, raping, and holding hostage women in his flat. The police are said to have broken down his door and found a woman being held against her will. The police are said to have paid a visit to George Chung Realtors as part of their investigation but other of Keith’s victims have not been informed or questioned as part of the official investigation. I am not certain if Keith is a member of this group or just associated via the others know of him. Keith’s friend is named David Ramic who also worked at George Chung Realtors as did the actor Mueen J(ahan) Ahmad. Mr Ahmad is not a part of this group but he did tell me that Keith was arrest for the above mentioned crimes. Foli Chung (George Chung’s brother) who also works at the realty office also told me. Mr David Ramic is a co-conspirator and sidekick of Keith and has teamed up with him in at least one of his assaults. Mr Ramic lived on Santa Monica street (???) near the Wilshire District at the time. Keith is said to have been released from prison but he has not been arrested for all of his crimes against women. Keith is an actor who had a one-man show in the Los Angeles area. He is also a member of the Nation of Islam. Keith is a tall, fair-skinned African-American. Mr David Ramic is a short, fair-skinned man with brown hair. His parents are Eastern European (Croatian/Yugoslavian?) and he has told me his mum was a Jew, his father a Muslim and he is a Christian. Keith was the leader with Mr Ramic being a seemingly devoted follower. Both are dangerous.

In Dallas, Texas there is a vagabond man who frequents Chick-Fil-A @9386 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, Texas 75243 and Whataburger @9394 LBJ Fwy, Dallas, Texas 75243. He claims to have been a former drug addict. When he threatened me he told me he became angry at a man in a public restaurant and followed him into the loo where he tried to stab him to death. Apparently he spent time in jail for this (Dallas?). He is also connected with the claims against me and Sattam al-Saud (in Saudi Arabia). He is Caucasian or mixed as he has a deep brown tan and black hair and piercing blue eyes .His front tooth is chipped. His claims should have him being in and out of the Dallas judicial system. He most often wears blue jeans and tank shirts under his black leather jacket. He also wears black sunglasses. He follows me around, too, although I have moved a short distance away and so far so good… I do not know his name.

There are others in this group, too.

I do feel they will try to kill me again. I am a single mother. Mr Clark has threatened to knock on my door and shoot me. The man who wears the leather jacket pops up every so often and smirks at me… Please help me. My name is Katharick. My Muslim name is Hala. My mobile number is 469.515.5640. I will tell you everything you need to know but I ask that you protect me and my children by not publishing my home/work address etc. I am being watched (license plate DC4G032 or DC4GO32) and I suspect the other was a rental… BM5.. They have a habit of sending people (sometimes vagabonds) to pop up and smirk at me or act aggressively against me as I walk down the street, etc. I have spoken to police officers and they have told me this is common practice by thugs. It is meant to intimidate witnesses into keeping silent.



I saw Baldy today. He reminds me of a much more buff Timothy Olyphant in the movie Hitman…

You see I have been threatened by Tom Clark and co about a certain individual from the Middle East, Dubayy to be exact, contracting with a few real leg breakers to pay me a visit and kill me.  I was told they would be well trained in the art of killing.  You know, military, hand-to-hand combat (mano y mano) and the like.  I yawned yesterday when it didn’t happen.  I yawned the day before that when it didn’t happen.  I yawned the day before that… well, you get the picture.  I still yawn.  I yawn and I yawn and I yawn.  So Tom Clark can watch me and threaten me but not actually pull the trigger, then?  What happened since the last time he tried to kill me?  Did he become weak in the knees?  Did he get much too old for that sort of thing and have to contract out?  Did he get weak?  I’ll say this much: the man is delusional.  He really does believe that I will be his wife and that he can take me away with him to where he comes from via my murder.  That is what he told me anyway… what filthy rot I say!  I’d rather the attempts on my life than a life with that filthy freak show.

Anywho, yesterday (30 September 14) I decided to pay a visit to HalfPrice Books in Dallas, Texas.  And that is where I saw him.  Baldy.  I don’t know what his name is and the name Agent 47 is already taken so I shall call him Baldy.  Yes, Baldy works…

I sat in the Community Room, you know the QUIET room where no one is supposed to talk, esp on mobile phones… yes, that room.  I had just finished writing my short subject mocking witchery titled Siren and was half finished writing my other short subject I titled Another when I looked up and saw him.  The man was tall and rather good looking.  He wore a light blue polo shirt, tan pants, dark brown (suede?) shoes.  He carried a huge, dark rucksack filled with (guns?  hand grenades?) what I don’t know.  The moment he walked into the room it was obvious he was military and special ops.  I quickly realised he wasn’t trying to hide the fact but rather he was intentionally broadcasting it and wanted others to see him.  What vanity I thought.  He just had to know there were surveillance cameras in the bookstore and he seemed to want all eyes on him.  Then he sat at the table next to mine and made a show of setting his books down on the table and taking his time to arrange them so I could read the titles.  I smirked to myself.  The writer in me was thinking he went all out to impress me.  I laughed quietly and decided to read the titles of his books.  Blackwater, and two books by Dennis Lehane: Mystic River and A Drink Before the War.  Interesting choices I thought.  Esp the bit about Blackwater.  Can Baldy be more obvious?  What was his story anyway?  Who is he?  He did seem out of place

and now I wanted to know about him.  I guess his plan worked.  I noticed him but how many others did, too?  Many I would think.

Next he took out a medium sized spiral notebook and huge very white headphones.  He read a bit and moved his books around.  He rummaged through his rucksack.  I kept looking at his books.  So, Okay, you like to read about military and police trained special ops type mercenaries who contract within the Middle East esp Iraq where some of your comrades got into a bit of trouble for killing Iraqi civilians…


Yesterday at Mickey Diseased…


Yesterday I went to Mickey Diseased to work on my laptop and enjoy mi cafe. I was accosted by a strange vagabond man who kept repeating himself. He wouldn’t leave me alone. I couldn’t quite understand what he was mumbling but I did catch some of his words: “The police are criminals… the government is corrupt…” Apparently this was the most coherent he was to be and the most I could make of his words is that he believes the US government to be a corrupt one, the Dallas PD is corrupt and evil (?) that only is meant to hurt people, that I shouldn’t trust the police, etc, as they would hurt me, my daughter wouldn’t be able to do something in the future… he was strange and very disturbing especially when he looked at my 09-year-old… and he smelled something foul… not to be mean since he was clearly quite an unfortunate individual as he is most likely not going to get out of his current predicament. He was just too negative for me. He was what I would call a negative or demon force if you know what I mean… he was just awful… just awful and I instinctively felt the need to protect my little one…