Yesterday at Mickey Diseased…


Yesterday I went to Mickey Diseased to work on my laptop and enjoy mi cafe. I was accosted by a strange vagabond man who kept repeating himself. He wouldn’t leave me alone. I couldn’t quite understand what he was mumbling but I did catch some of his words: “The police are criminals… the government is corrupt…” Apparently this was the most coherent he was to be and the most I could make of his words is that he believes the US government to be a corrupt one, the Dallas PD is corrupt and evil (?) that only is meant to hurt people, that I shouldn’t trust the police, etc, as they would hurt me, my daughter wouldn’t be able to do something in the future… he was strange and very disturbing especially when he looked at my 09-year-old… and he smelled something foul… not to be mean since he was clearly quite an unfortunate individual as he is most likely not going to get out of his current predicament. He was just too negative for me. He was what I would call a negative or demon force if you know what I mean… he was just awful… just awful and I instinctively felt the need to protect my little one…



Katharick d’Esparzo
(Yet another story I am posting while I write… do be kind…)

Cast of Characters, Principal:
Siren/Sirene………. nutter Muslim witch who is to be executed for practicing witchcraft

Cast of Characters, Minor:
Abdul… a jailor in charge of Siren’s execution
Haya… a Muslimah in charge of Siren during her incarceration

The hapless Siren, thinking herself much above the rest of humanity, is enjoying her last day of freedom before being arrested and executed for witchery.

Siren (boasting; a bit too proud of herself):
“I am a goddess!!!”

Siren screams loudly, and begins running in circles waving her arms wildly above her head. The shrieks coming from the Muslim witch pierce the night sky.

“I am a goddess!!! Imagine being me!! Me!! Me!! Me!!”

Passers-by cannot contain their amusement and do not bother to stifle their laughter. Siren doesn’t care. She never cares. Siren’s only concern, her only interest is in being Siren the Witch. Siren the Muslim Witch is even better. Siren likes to shake it up and rattle people’s cages and being a witch in the Middle East does just that. And it amuses Siren immensely. Even now with her arrest looming Siren still doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

“I shall be a martyr to my cause!”

Siren has said this over and over again. Most people didn’t realise what she meant. They didn’t understand it, either, but Siren knows what she knows or at least what she believes will happen and a martyr she will become she says.

“I am a witch!!! Looks at me, everybody, look at me!!!”

Siren is seen dancing about.  She is waving her arms, running her hands through her hair, Siren even throws pocketful of gold glitter at people, blessing them with riches and much wealth from the desert gnome of money.  She is quite the spectacle and behaving quite the fool even if everyone but Siren herself can see this.

Suddenly, two police officers arrive on the scene.  It is apparent someone in the growing crowd has notified the authorities.  It is quite offensive for someone to be publicly and so brazenly publishing themselves to be a witch.  Many people in the conservative emirate are rightfully offended by Siren’s antics.

As Siren is being led away she begins chanting spells at the people she sees.  She first curses then blesses the men who are taking her away.  And away she goes…


Siren can be seen to make a nuisance of herself.  Flirting madly with the male police officers she bats her false eyelashes and asks the most ridiculous of questions thinking herself quite clever.


“I’m hungry…”


“What would you like to eat, Sirene?”

Siren (lowering her voice thinking it sexy):

“My name is Siren.  And do you have sex stew?  It’s a local favourite with witches.  Quite tasty, too.”

The men and women in the police station laugh uproariously.  They know they are in for quite a treat and Siren isn’t planning to disappoint them.

Abdul (laughing at the nutter witch):

“Your name card reads Sirene Zal.  Is this your name?”

Siren (still speaking in her sexy voice; indignant):

“I told you my name.  I am a witch!”

Abdul (trying to steady himself; being professional):

“I understand your name to be Sirene Zal.  Is this correct, ma’am?”

Siren (standing up tall, throwing head back and neighing like a horse):

“I am a Siren!!!  Do you feel my heat?”

Siren begins singing and prancing around the police station.  She is prancing like a burglar might in a musical.


“Do you feel well, Sirene?”

To this question the others in the police station laugh.

“Do you feel sss-ee-xx-y?”

Siren begins running her hands through Abdul’s hair. At this Haya, a Muslim woman who works in the police station, takes over.

“Okay, Sirene…”

Siren (twirling around to face Haya; indignant):
“The name’s SIREN! Just like fire engine red!!!”

Haya (ignoring Siren’s demented behaviour):
“Now, Sirene, several complaints have been made against your disorderly conduct.”

Siren (indignant; standing up straight and flaring her nose like a horse):

“Are you feeling well, Sirene?”

Siren (still indignant):
“I feel well, thank you very much! Now, what do you want from me?”

Haya (raising her eyebrow):
“I have just told you, ma’am. Several people have called us with complaints against your behaviour.”

“There is nothing wrong with my behaviour!”

“Do you believe your behaviour today has been erratic?”

“Nonsense! I wish to leave this place.”

Siren begins to march her way, with quite the flourish of course, out of the building. However, she is stopped before she makes three steps.

“Take your hands off me!”

The mysterious restricted phone calls


So yesterday I received a call on my cheapy charlie mobile. You know the kinds of phones I am referring to, don’t you? The pathetic flip phone with the Verizon monthly prepaid minutes. Yes, folks, yours truly actually used such a phone until today. Today I bought a real mobile and I am even going to open an Instagram account. If I can figure out how to, that is. So Okay, I never did say I am tech savvy. In fact I am the complete opposite and it kills me inside. But back to my story. I have a cheapy charlie flip phone WITHOUT any minutes paid for so I cannot receive or send text messages or phone calls. And yet I continue to receive phone calls from a restricted phone number. The call never does register on my phone log so it is a bit hard to prove to anyone that such a call made its way to my phone and yet it does. Every so often the call gets through. But no one answers. Ever.

Yesterday I received such a call from Mr Restricted. I said, “See! See! You know I haven’t any minutes on my phone and yet this call is going to get through!” I showed Yvonne the phone as I answered it. She smiled and looked in disbelief. But truly, I don’t know what went through her mind. “You see! I told you! I told you about these calls! This is the second phone and second number where I get calls from a restricted phone number. It never registers as call received or calls missed or even all calls. You didn’t believe me, did you?” Yvonne just looked and smiled. She said nothing. “This is the same person calling me that I told you about! The last two times Mr Restricted called me a little girl voice sang at me saying, “I’m sor-ry… I’m sor-ry…” it was creepy and reminded me of a horror movie. The other time the little girl just sang to me. I couldn’t make out the words but I could hear her singing. It went on for about 20 minutes and then I simply hung up the phone!”

Yvonne said, “Do you know who would do that to you?”

“I don’t know but the only person who I could think about doing this to me is Tom Clark and company.”


“The monster who kidnapped me! But I don’t know who it is who keeps calling me with this little girl nonsense. What do you make of this, Yvonne?”

Yvonne simply said, “I don’t have anything to say.” Strange, strange, strange…

The Woman in White



Now on that particular day this ridiculous woman in white had run up to me for the second time in just a few weeks.  I remember well our first meeting…

It was a very short time before the incident outside of 7/11.  It happened inside the Subway Sandwiches restaurant located inside of the Walmart store which can be found on Retail Rd.  I don’t have the exact address any more but the zip code is 75231 in the city of Dallas, Texas.

It was an extremely hot day and I needed to sit and rest.  I decided to sit it out for a few minutes in the Subway restaurant.  As soon as I arrived and no sooner had I sat down than the woman in white began hurling her words at me.  She was breathless.  She seemed to be truly enjoying the excitement of what had just happened.  Apparently one of the female workers in the store became enraged at having to clean up after people who decided to take shelter from the sweltering heat of the day in the restaurant without first purchasing any food or drink.  Or so the woman in white and several other patrons in Subway at the time said.  They also told me the female worker began yelling at a man in particular who didn’t buy any food or drink but was rather sitting still at one of the tables with his trolley and cane close to him.  The patrons claimed the female worker began berating the man for nearly a half hour with insults about him smelling rather foul.  The man did not leave the store but rather took it all in stride not budging an inch.

Now the woman in white decided to say something and then the female worker had a few choice words for her.  Again, as the woman in white and other patrons said to me.  The woman in white was shocked at what she saw and heard. She wouldn’t leave me alone she just had to talk to me and tell me of this event.  So, bored, and more than a little bit shocked at what I was now experiencing, I suggested she report the incident to the supervisors at Subway Sandwiches.  After all, the store is monitored for training purposes by the owner every day and the video is kept on computer hard drive so that made everything that occurred a matter of record.  When she continued to ask what she could do I asked her if other workers in Walmart heard anything.  Surely they must have heard something if the female worker was yelling for 30 minutes or so.  She said yes they did.  Then I suggested she speak to the manager at Walmart if she felt the need to do so.  The woman in white left me alone and walked away claiming she was going to report the incident with Walmart officials.  I was hoping this was the last I would see of her.  Unfortunately it wasn’t.

Now the woman in white simply wouldn’t stop talking to me or leave me alone.  She just wouldn’t.  Matthew Hunt’s comrades claim this is a precursor of sorts for the incident of up skirting me or at least parallel it in a sense.  Basically, I was kidnapped and held against my will.  I was tortured and my former hostage takers tried to drive me insane and even try to make me believe I was a third world person from a third world country and yet they attacked me because of my grandparents who they claimed had too much blue blood mixed into their/our red blood.  They said I switched place with The Bogan and The Buckleburian then they changed their minds. They said that they sent the up skirting video to my enemy in Danmark.  In other words The Bogan.  This was to try to con the Dane into thinking I had done something wrong and so he would take The Bogan’s side against mine.  They claimed The Bogan would stalk call me and try to place a restraining order on me just like what happened to the woman in white.  I was livid.  I told them that they couldn’t possibly take away my legal judgement again.  The police said (Lozano with Dallas PD) that if any video was sent then they would make immediate arrests.  I told them they were threatening me and saying they were going to set me up.  I told Lozano I didn’t want to go to jail.  He said not to worry.  That I wouldn’t get into any trouble because I was turning to the police and asking for help.  I insisted they were claiming they would have me arrested for the up skirting video and Lozano insisted that if any videos appeared they would make arrests.  He assured me several times that I was being protected by the police.  I demand Lozano keep his word.

Two different women, two different deals…


Many years ago there was a poor peasant girl who wanted very much to marry a rich man who would take care of her.  But she was having trouble getting a man to put her up with a ring on her finger.  You see she wasn’t the most attractive female in the world.  Rather far from it.  So she was approached by a man who calls himself by many names.  He said he picked her because he knew how she was inside.  You see he felt her soul was black and she was a very mean person who would do many things to get what she wanted in life only she couldn’t get what she wanted on her own.  So He decided to offer her a deal.  He would pick a man, pressurise him into marrying her by various nefarious means and would even kidnap, torture, kill… but the man He picked wouldn’t go along with it.  So He told her He wouldn’t force him to marry her but He would up the ante and make the man feel he has no way out… A short time later He told her He wasn’t going along with it because it was very wrong.  The woman became very angry indeed.  There was quite a row.  She claimed He owed her because they made a deal.  He told her it was an illegal deal and He owed her absolutely nothing.  She decided to pursue the man herself but the man still wouldn’t go along and put a ring on it.  Now The Man who made the deal with this sordid person became enraged at her conduct and wanted to kill her.  He said she had it coming and who the hell does she think she is anyway.  He was also disgusted at how she went after things, demanding and also encouraging the kidnapping, etc as she continued to say He owed her!!!  Well, the Man was going to kill her until Matthew Hunt’s Master told him not to.  There was silence, indignation, extreme rage.  WTF??!!!??  Why was Matthew’s Master showing preference to this White Women when her victim was not white???  Etc, etc, etc… And this after Matthew’s Master claimed to not show preference and yet he chose to tell The Man to keep her alive and not to free certain people who were not white… etc, etc…

Well, The Man chose to go along with it and keep her alive even though He was incensed at having to do so and to this day He still hates her and what she did.  Now, you can well imagine it is a much longer story but for times sake I’ll tell you this: the sordid bitch did get a prince’s gold off a man who also hates her guts and even after all these years the poor fool still grimaces through his forced smiles although his stomach is turning into a bitter sore.  The sod has aged soo much… he used to be a  beautiful, luscious brunette beard and now he looks at least a good/bad 15 years older than he is…

Now The Man also made a different deal with another young woman.  She wasn’t exactly a stunner, either.  But she was a sugar slut, too.  The Man said He picked her because she, too, would go along with it, with anything really… so another deal, slightly different, less vicious, was set in motion.  The handsome young man picked wouldn’t put a ring on it either.  Sooo, since this young man was much more determined and defiant than the other target, the stakes would be upped much more in order to force his hand.  Well, this most unfortunate of individuals almost got away but then Matthew Hunt’s Master JUST HAD to claim “It came from Heaven” and set about forcing people’s lives down different paths by violent, criminal force (although to this day He claims to not have broken the law nor Sharia law!!!).  He did get her that ring, He did.  But shortly after the wedding He told the young man what she had done.  He was told he had to keep her in his life until…

Yes, the same forced smiles, the same lies being told, the same secrets being kept… The Man is Tom Clark’s Master.  Seriously.  That is what he is called.  Among other things.  Matthew Hunt’s Master (yes, he is called The Christian by Tom Clark and co. and has even referred to himself as such…) actually did this…. it is shocking but true…

The Woman in White



So I saw her again.  The strange woman who constantly wears white.  Inexpensive white pants, poorly made white shirt, gaudy thick white frosted eye shadow… cheap white shoes… That woman.  I call her the woman in white and I found out yesterday I am not the only one who calls her that.

I was exiting 7/11 on Park Lane yesterday afternoon and wondering what my next move truly should be when I saw her again.  Or rather she “saw” me again.

“Hey!  Remember me?”  I shuddered and thought ‘but of course I remember you, my enemy.  How could I ever forget you?  Remember?  The last time we met up you threatened me in a sing-song voice.  Do you remember the problems you were trying to unload on me?’

“Hey, remember me?!!?  she sounded breathless like she just HAD something to tell me.

“Yes, I remember you.”  I felt irritated and cross so I know she could see it on my face and hear it in my voice.

“You’ll never believe what happened?!!? (still breathless, seemingly excited to now be telling her tale) “Remember when I told you when I called corporate about the way I was treated?  Well, the woman who treated me so bad in the store actually put a what do you call it when you can’t go into the store again?”

“A restraining order?”  I asked as I inched away from the mad woman.

“Yes!  That’s it!  The woman in the store actually put a restraining order on me!!!  Can you believe it?!!?  I called corporate and the woman I spoke to couldn’t believe it either!!!”  (Neither could I, I thought to myself)

“If she put a restraining order on you the corporate would have to know it and may have been involved.”

The woman in white was so terribly interested in telling me her story she didn’t seem to be able to hear me.

“Can you believe it?!!?  I went into the store and she mistreated me.  I complained and she put a restraining order on me!!!  Can you believe it?!!?  Some people!!!”

I said: “I am surprised she did that.  That would be retaliation.  There should be a documented chain of events of what actually happened.  You could sue.”

“I know, right!”  She continued on, still breathless and excited to be talking to me.

“Can you believe she even called my work.  She kept calling my work and complaining to me!!!”

“That would be harassment.”  I said, bored and turning my body to walk away from her.

“Can you believe it?!!?”

“No.  Did you call the police?  She cannot harass you at your workplace.”  I was wondering, but only slightly, got her personal details to effect such a call in the first place.

“Yes!  I called the police and they said that if she called me again they would arrest her!”

“Oh, Okay.”  I said and began to walk away.   She called after me.

“Can you believe it?”  I walked away, my anger rising…